Sherbet Station

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Sherbet Station

Sherbet Station

Sherbet Kiosk

Serving Beyond Borders

Future Plans

Meraki Restaurants and Cafes has mapped out an ambitious expansion plan for Sherbet Station that involves developing the brand from a kiosk concept to a full-fledged restaurant with live beverage and food counters. Geographically, Sherbet Station has its sights set on global expansion, starting in the GCC and going on to the UK and Europe in a phased plan spanning the next 5 years.

Owing to the Group’s international presence, Sherbet Station has the requisite expertise and network to facilitate the brand’s overseas operations in a planned and efficient manner.

Our Inspiration


Deepali Jain

Sherbet Station has been detailed in every way to add value to commercial spaces and shopping malls with its unique offering and dynamic kiosk design.

It’s not just a beverage counter, but a fun station where weary shoppers can quickly grab a drink and a bite for refreshment.

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Ground Floor, Deira City Center, Dubai, UAE